MATA Jr. 2020

ft. the Bergamot Quartet

Sunday, October 18th, 2020 | 7:00pm EST

Live-streamed to YouTube from Scholes Street Studio in Brooklyn NY


Alicia Diva Chandra (b. 2002; Singapore): Take Flight!
Krishan Rai (b. 2004; Williamstown, MA/Norway): Revolving Images
Ella Kaale (b. 2002; League City, TX): The Recitation
Aaron Nichols (b. 2003; New York, NY): Black and Blue
Anna-Louise Walton (MATA 2019): Needle n Thread
Luca Bardelle (b. 2002; Adria, Italy): HYBRIS
Pascal Le Boeuf (MATA 2017): Vines Outstretched
Noah Godard (b. 2003; Moorpark, CA): Swells of Grey

About MATA Jr.

Founded in 2014 as the educational arm of MATA, MATA Jr. is a collaborative learning experience, connecting pre-college composers from around the world with MATA artists and performers. Over the course of several months, six pre-college composers work with MATA Jr.’s composer-mentors as they write new works, culminating in an evening of world premieres by New York’s top performers of new music. MATA Jr. participants are chosen through a free, global online call for submissions.  Submissions are assessed by a jury consisting of MATA’s staff and that year’s composer-mentors, selected from MATA’s esteemed alumni.

MATA Jr. Alumni

Jack Bettigole (2017)
Evan Caplinger (2015)
Charlotte Costantino (2017)
Gabriel Crist (2018)
Michelle David (2015)
Tyson Davis (2018)
Perrin Davidson (2016)
Emily DeLia (2014)
Elizabeth Egan (2016)
Rachel Jenna Epperly (2014)
Bram Fisher (2017)
Julian Fueyo (2014)
Jack Hamill (2016)
Abby Harris (2018)
Andrew D. Herring (2014)
Hannah Ishizaki (2016)
Katie Jenkins (2018)
Paris Lavidis (2016)
Mikael Lewis (2015)
Brandon Lincoln Snyder (2014)
Molly Monahan (2016)
Jonah Murphy (2017)
Shashaank Narayanan (2014)
Paul Novak (2016)
John Nydam (2014)
Nicholas Politi (2015)
Isai Rabiu (2017)
Daniel Saylor (2015)
Winston Schneider (2018)
Miles Shore (2017)
Emily Singleton (2018)
Renata Vallecillo (2014)
Christopher Yuan (2015)