MATA Jr. Festival 2018

Now Accepting Applications:

Submissions Due March 12, 2018


About MATA Jr.

Founded in 2014 as the educational arm of MATA, MATA Jr. pairs pre-college composers selected from a free, global, call for submissions with emerging composers in a six-month mentorship program to create new works for performance by teen new-music ensemble Face the Music. While there are many programs that aim to assist young composers, MATA Jr. is unique in that all parties benefit from a collaborative learning process in which participants are both teacher and student.

Each winter, MATA holds an open call for submissions from pre-college composers to select several to receive mentorship and an eventual performance by Face the Music, the teen new-music ensemble based at New York City’s Kaufman Music Center. A jury consisting of MATA’s composer-mentors and Face the Music’s director meet to assess submissions, passing their recommendations on to MATA Artistic Director Du Yun. Selected composers are paired with one of three composer-mentors, who shepherd them through the development of a new composition from idea to score to rehearsal to performance.

MATA Jr. Alumni

Jack Bettigole (2017)
Evan Caplinger (2015)
Charlotte Costantino (2017)
Michelle David (2015)
Perrin Davidson (2016)
Emily DeLia (2014)
Elizabeth Egan (2016)
Rachel Jenna Epperly (2014)
Bram Fisher (2017)
Julian Fueyo (2014)
Jack Hamill (2016)
Andrew D. Herring (2014)
Hannah Ishizaki (2016)
Paris Lavidis (2016)
Mikael Lewis (2015)
Brandon Lincoln Snyder (2014)
Molly Monahan (2016)
Jonah Murphy (2017)
Shashaank Narayanan (2014)
Paul Novak (2016)
John Nydam (2014)
Nicholas Politi (2015)
Isai Rabiu (2017)
Daniel Saylor (2015)
Miles Shore (2017)
Renata Vallecillo (2014)
Christopher Yuan (2015)