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Curiouser and Curiouser

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015


MATA welcomes Sweden’s Curious Chamber Players for a night that moves from the primeval depths skyward. Bolivian composer Carlos Guittiérez Quiroga’s Jintilli posits the beginnings of the world with natural sounds born of natural materials. Tomi Räisänen’s Stheno imagines the Gorgon’s mourning, what Pindar says was the basis for all music. Wang Lu and Malin Bång’s music deals with the detritus of the urban – Berlin’s constant remaking in the case of Bång’s palinode and the daily life of Xi’an, Wang’s hometown, in her MATA-commissioned work Urban Inventory. Johann Svensson’s diamond dust gives life to the tiny ice crystals that together form the clouds. The evening ends with a new work from MATA’s own Todd Tarantino.

Tomi Räisänen (Finland): Stheno (2006), AP
Todd Tarantino (USA): … all words are already decided (2011/2015), WP
Carlos Gutiérrez Quiroga (Bolivia): Jintili (2012), AP
Wang Lu (China/US): Urban Inventory (2015), WP – Festival Commission
Johan Svensson (Sweden): diamond dust (2013), AP
Malin Bång (Sweden): palinode (2013), AP

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Todd Tarantino

Friday, February 27th, 2015

todd tarantino

Photo Credit: Gavin Schmidt

Todd Tarantino (b. 1974) is a New York City based composer. His personal and richly varied musical environments are characterized by bold surfaces, quarter-tone inflected harmonies and athletic lyricism. Much of his recent work draws on experiences living in the developing world, translating the sounds and energy of urban environments into his own unique musical language. Currently, he is developing Appeal for Identification, an evening-length series of compositions that together tell the story of Delhi’s migrants through the sounds of the locations in which their corpses were found.

Tarantino’s music has been presented at concerts and festivals throughout America, Europe, Asia and Africa by musicians such as the New York New Music Ensemble, Ensemble Moderne Akadamie, Manhattan Sinfonietta, Second Instrumental Unit, and the OCNM Ensemble as well as soloists such as oboist Jacqueline Leclair, violinists David Fulmer, Miranda Cuckson and Hana Kotkova, clarinetist Carol McGonnel, saxophonists Eliot Gattegno and David Wegehaupt, pianists Barbara Lieurance and Kathleen Tagg, and flautist Emi Ferguson, among others

Currently, Todd is the executive director of MATA and an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University. From 2007-2008 he taught music theory at Manhattan School of Music. He holds a doctorate in composition from Columbia University. His principal composition teachers include John Luther Adams, Fred Lerdahl, Stephen Siegel and Jonathan Kramer. He lives in Harlem with his wife, Carla, and daughters, Dessa and Margo.

Lives in Miniature

Friday, April 18th, 2014




MATA’s third concert brings together two powerhouses of the New York new music scene: the incredible Talea ensemble is joined by the “virtuousically adventurous” vocal ensemble Ekmeles in an evening of lives. The UK’s Martin Iddon gives us the sounds of his Hamadryads for vocal ensemble and tuned glasses – the haunting lamentations of tree-bound nymphs inspired by Greek mythology and Josquin. MATA’s own Todd Tarantino’s Cap Malheureux for soprano (Charlotte Dobbs) and large ensemble is a tragedy that asks how one can describe a life; while Clara Iannotta (Italy) asks the same of sound in her microcosmic concerto for cello Clangs; Chris Gross is the soloist. Josep Sanz (Spain) in his King Lear: Act IV Scene 6 distills a scene from Shakespeare’s tale of madness into six minutes. Simon Vosecek’s (Austria – Czech Republic) Mice for video and ensemble, inspired by Czech stop-motion animation, explores madness in other ways, from the perspective of a rodent. Edward Hamel’s new work for voice (Michael Weyandt) and ensemble Approach Prune Destroy Begin – commissioned by a consortium of MATA, Holland’s Gaudeamus Festival, and the Venice Biennale, is a fitting conclusion.

Šimon Vosecek: Mice (2012)
Edward Hamel: Approach Prune Destroy Begin (2014) – MATA Commission
Clara Ianotta: Clangs (2012)
Todd Tarantino: Cap Malheureux (2012)
Martin Iddon: Harmadryads (2011)
Josep Sanz: King Lear: Act IV Scene 6 (2009)

Friday, April 18
8:00 pmTags
The Kitchen
512 West 19th St.

$20 adults / $15 students
Tickets available at: www.thekitchen.org