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Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Three-dimensional works for one or two players. Thursday’s MATA Festival concert opens with Oleg Elagin’s space age electronic fanfare, The Formation of New Sensual Experience, setting the tone for an evening of evolution and innovation. Samuel Cedillo’s Monólogo III refashions the viola in an incredible tour de force of expression. The consummate Daniel Lippel brings elegance to the shifting guitar figures of Karin Wetzel’s Amorphose II and Basque composer Mikel Urquiza’s dialogues with Dowland, Belarretan. The evening reaches for the heavens with Nikolet Burzyńska’s Cold burning out, played by TIGUE’s Matt Evans, and Liisa Hirsch’s ethereal Cloud Tones for piano “glides” and viola. 

Dan Lippel, guitar; Matt Evans, percussion, Philip White, live electronics;

Thursday, April 27
8PM at the Kitchen, 512 W 19th St, NYC

Tickets available here

Oleg Elagin (Russia): Formation of New Sensual Experience (2016), WP
Liisa Hirsch (Estonia): Cloud Tones (2015), AP
Samuel Cedillo (Mexico): Monólogo III (2009)
Karin Wetzel (Switzerland/Germany): Amorphose II (2012), AP
Mikel Urquiza (Spain/France): Belarretan (2014) AP
Nikolet Burzynska (Poland): Cold Burning Out (2011) AP

Samuel Cedillo

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Mexican composer. Mazahua indian´s origins; craftsman in his chilhood. Samuel Cedillo graduated from the Conservatory of the Roses of Michoacan, Mexico under the tutelage of Germán Romero in 2007. He had lessons with some of the most important Mexican and foreign composers; its main formative influences after Romero, Cedillo mainly considers Emmanuel Nunes, Pierluigi Billone and Dror Feiler. Currently his music is played in Europe, the United States and Latin America. His career has awards, grants, recordings, commissions, residencies, courses and examinations. He is currently research professor at the Intercultural Indigenous University of Michoacán. Part of his teaching life dedicated to community work within indigenous comunities; is founder, along with a team of purhépecha musicians, of Purhépecha Conservatory, the only institution of its kind, dedicated to the education of traditional musicians. His work as a composer is regarded by critics as one of the most important and radicals of his generation.