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Playing In The Band: Performer/Composers Speak

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

LPR Gallery Bar – 4:30 to 6:00

Playing In The Band: Performer/Composers Speak
Panel Discussion

Sawako – solo laptop composer/performer
Cornelius Dufallo – Director and violinist, Ne(x)tworks
Marc Dancigers – guitarist, NOW Ensemble; MATA alumni
Annie Gosfield – composer/performer; MATA alumni
Richard Carrick – Co-Director and pianist, Either/Or; MATA alumni

Moderator: Chris McIntyre – MATA Artistic Director; trombonist, Ne(x)tworks

One of the most powerful currents in today’s concert music scene is the renewed prominence of composer/performers — creators who interpret their own music, bringing new life to a once-dormant tradition. The 2009 MATA Festival features a number of such works, most often in groups committed to presenting the work of their ensemble colleagues.

Moderated by MATA Artistic Director Chris McIntyre, PLAYING IN THE BAND will informally examine current trends in the field, their relationship to past attitudes, and how they inform the panelists’ work. In addition to the artists taking part in the 2009 Festival (Sawako, Dufallo, Dancigers, and McIntyre), the panel includes MATA alumni Annie Gosfield and Richard Carrick, both of whom have forged successful careers writing and playing their own music.

Either/Or & Newspeak

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Friday, April 4th, 2008

2008 MATA Festival
Brooklyn Lyceum, 8pm

Either/Or Ensemble
Richard Carrick, Co-director/piano
Stephen Gosling, piano
Michael Ibrahim, saxophone
Jane Rigler, flute
David Shively, Co-Director/percussion
Alex Waterman, cello

Newspeak Ensemble
Caleb Burhans, violin
Mellissa Hughes, voice
Jim Johnston, keyboards
Ha-Yang Kim, cello
Taylor Levine, guitar
David T. Little, Director/drums
Eileen Mack, clarinets
Yuri Yamashita, percussion

Richard Carrick Towards Qualia World Premiere (2007, rev. ‘08)
Choi, Waterman, Ibrahim, Rigler, Carrick, Shively

Andrew Byrne White Bone Country World Premiere (2007)
Gosling, Shively

Missy Mazzoli In Spite of All This (2005)
Burhans, Johnston, Kim, Levine, Little, Mack, Yamashita

David T. Little sweet, light, crude (2007)
Burhans, Hughes, Johnston, Kim, Levine, Little, Mack, Yamashita

Oscar Bettison Breaking and Entering (with aggravated assault) (2006)
Burhans, Johnston, Kim, Levine, Little, Mack, Yamashita

Sean Griffin Buffalo ‘70 World Premiere (2008)
MATA commission
Combined forces of Either/Or & Newspeak
Richard Carrick, conductor
Alex Waterman, cello
David Shively, percussion
Caleb Burhans, voice
Jim Johnston, keyboards
Taylor Levine, guitar
David T. Little, percussion
Yuri Yamashita, percussion
special guest – Jeremy Lydic, voice

This event is supported (in part) through Subito, the quick
advancement grant program of the San Francisco Bay Area
Chapter of the American Composers Forum, in partnership
with the American Composers Forum of Los Angeles.


Tuesday, April 6th, 1999

April 6th, 1999

Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue New York, NY

Sonicinema with Da Capo Chamber Players:
Andre Emelianoff, cello
Rene Jolles, violin
Lisa Moore, piano
Patricia Spencer, flute
Meighan Stoops, clarinet,
Marka Gustavsson, viola


Ron Anderson, trumpet
Richard Clymer, trumpet
Richard Carrick, piano
Eduardo Kandro, percussion
David Cossin, percussion
Martin Goldray, conductor
Eduardo Leandro, percussion


Joris Ivens Rain (Film)

Hanns Eisler Fourteen Ways to Describe the Rain op. 70
1. Anagramm 2. Introduktion 3. Choral – Ettide 4. Scherzando
5. 6. 7. Sonatina 8. Intermezzo 9. 10 presto Etude
11. Uberleitung 12. 13. 14.

Da Capo Chamber Players
Andre Emelianoff, cello
Rene Jolles, violin
Lisa Moore, piano
Patricia Spencer, flute
Meighan Stoops, clarinet,
Marka Gustavsson, viola

Andrew Ford A Whole Lot of Shaking (World Premiere)
commissioned bg Lisa Moore with the support of The Australian consulate
Lisa Moore, piano
Andre Emelianoff, cello

Thelonious Monk/Richard Carrick Ruby My Dear (New York Premiere)
Richard Carrick, piano


Eleanor Sandresky It’s Come Undone (World Premiere)
Richard Clymer, trumpet
David Cossin and Eduardo Kandro, percussion

Carlos Carrillo De la brevidad de la vida (World Premiere)
Commissioned by Music at the Anthology
-for Da Capo with funds provided by Jerome Foundation and The Greenwall Foundation
Da Capo Chamber Players

Un Chien Andalou (Film)
Las siete vidas de un gato Salvador Dali/Luis Bunuel Martin Matalon
commissioned by the Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona
Da Capo Chamber Players with Ron Anderson, trumpet
David Cossin and Eduardo Leandro, percussion
Martin Goldray, conductor