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Randy Hostetler

Friday, February 9th, 2018

Randy Hostetler composed more than fifty works in his short lifetime, including scores for chamber orchestra, solo and combined instruments, chorus, film, tape, found objects and ambient sounds. His text work for overlapping voices, Happily Ever After which was released on cd by Frogpeak in 1999 has been widely acclaimed as one of the best electronic works of the 20th century. The Princeton composer Paul Lansky wrote that “It was unlike anything I had ever heard and it immediately changed my view of what music is and can be.” Deep, an improvisational work for wind instruments and tape of a sleeping person’s snoring sounds, was performed by the California Ear Unit on its Denmark tour and rebroadcast on Danish Public Radio in l997. The Talujon Quartet and several members of the Philip Glass Ensemble in 1998 headlined a New York MATA festival performance of Hostetler’s chamber orchestra work, P[L]ACES, which was composed while he was a student at CalArts.

A gifted musician from birth, Randy Hostetler attended Yale University from 1981 to 1985, majoring and graduating with honors in music, and the California Institute of the Arts from l986 to 1989. While living in Los Angeles, Randy Hostetler established and curated the Living Room Series, a bi-monthly concert of new music from 1989-1993 that attracted scores of musicians from Los Angeles, the San Francisco bay area and even from further away.  Randy Hostetler’s Places was performed on the first-ever MATA Festival, in 1998.  

GAle GAtes, et al

Thursday, May 8th, 2003

May 8th, 2003 at 6:30 pm

GAle GAtes et al

Matthew Biederman Aleatory TV

John Cage Fontana Mix Score

Kurt Coble Sonic Essays for PAM Band
performed by Partially Artificial Musicians Band

Joe Diebes Sound Field

Bernhard Gal zhu shui

Charles Gute Wave/Untitled

Randy Hostetler P(L)aces Score

Jean-François Laporte Tribal Score

Duncan MacDonald Self-recorded record

Thien Vu Dano Reve d’un voyageur venu d’un autre monde  and other recent collaborations
aka VJ Pillow

Live performances:

7 pm John Cage Fontana Mix realization
Roddy Schrock, laptop

7:30pm Chung Shih Hoh Dragon Singing in Autumnal Water (New York premiere)
Andrew Laster, alto saxophone

8:15pm Roddy Schrock Improv , live electronics VJ Pillow, visuals

8:35pm James Duhamel Improv, live electronics VJ Pillow, visuals