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Odd Appetite and FLUX Quartet – Ha-Yang Kim, curator

Friday, January 25th, 2008

January 25, 2008, 8PM

Interval 1.2

Odd Appetite and the FLUX Quartet
performing works by
Ha-Yang Kim, Lukas Ligeti, Nathan Davis
and Matthew Welch

Curated by Ha-Yang Kim
as part of the MATA Interval Curatorial Associates Program

Issue Project Room
232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215

A night of music influenced by the rich
musical traditions of Bali, Africa, and India,
curated by Ha-Yang Kim.

Nathan Davis Keybar Untai

Ha-Yang Kim Oon

Matthew Welch Ulrikke

Ha-Yang Kim Samtak

Performed by Odd Appetite:
Ha-Yang Kim, cello
Nathan Davis, percussion


Marco Cappelli, guitars
Ha-Yang Kim, cello
Lukas Ligeti, balafon

Matthew Welch Suite from Suibhal Turnlar for String Quartet

Lukas Ligeti Moving Houses for String Quartet

performed by members of FLUX Quartet:
Tom Chiu and Conrad Harris, violin
Max Mandel, viola
with special guest Ha-Yang Kim, cello

MATA Benefit 2007

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

September 25, 2007

Paula Cooper Gallery
521 West 21st Street, 2nd Floor

MATA Celebrates
10 Great Years and Honors
Co-Founder Phlip Glass

Jenny Lin, toy piano
Lisa Bielawa, voice
Genevieve Belleveau, voice
Carla Kihlsedt,violin and voice
Theo Bleckmann, voice and electronics
Kathy Supove, Piano
Lukas Ligeti, percussion and electronics
Annie Gosfield, keyboard and sampler
Wynne Bennett, piano
Daniel Bernard Roumain, violin
Gordon Beeferman, piano
Daniel Bermel, clarinet
Eleanor Sandresky, piano and computer playback

Julia Wolfe East Broadway for toy piano and toy boombox
Jenny Lin, toy piano

Lukas Ligeti Great Circle’s Tune for electronic percussion
Lukas Ligeti, percussion & electronics

Daniel Bernard Roumain Hip-Hop Study and Etude in F Minor
Daniel Bernard Roumain, violin
Wynne Bennett, piano

Annie Gosfield The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory, part II
Annie Gosfield, keyboard and sampler

Theo Bleckmann anteroom (excerpt)
Theo Bleckmann, voice and electronics

Gordon Beeferman new work written for occasion
Gordon Beeferman, piano


Derek Bermel Thracian Sketches for solo clarinet
Derek Bermel, clarinet

Carla Kihlstedt The Squonk & Hold My Own
Carla Kihlsedt, violin/voice
Lisa Bielawa, voice

Nick Brooke You Feel This from Tone Test
Genevieve Belleveau, voice

Eleonor Sandresky Conversation 1
Eleanor Sandresky, piano, computer playback

Lisa Bielawa Selections from Kafka Songs
Carla Kihlstedt, voice & violin

Phil Kline Near-Perfect Clarity & The Funeral of Jan Palach
Theo Bleckmann, voice
Kathy Supove, Piano