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Mad Filaments and Ungovernable Shoots

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015


MATA goes full blast in an unforgettable evening that probes all that we understand to work together to create music. Norwegian composer Bjørn Erik Haugen’s Summon transforms images to sound and back to image, questioning if what we see is really what we intend it to be. Mirela Ivičević, in her Orgy of References, takes on the role of the composer, their resumes in particular, giving a new take on the litany of accolades that fill them. Meanwhile American Megan Grace Beugger’s Liaisons connects a dancer to a prepared piano via a pulley system – what is more important: the sound or the performance? Serbian composer Jasna Veličković tears apart the instrument, creating music instead with magnets in her sUn. Finally, Music for Lamps – the trio of Adam Basanta, Max Stein, and Julian Stein – puts forth a clean slate in which tens of table lamps outfitted with transducers create their own music.

Bjørn Erik Haugen (Norway): Summon (2013), WP
Jasna Veličković (Serbia): sUn (2014), AP
Mirela Ivičević (Croatia): Orgy of References (2012), AP
Megan Grace Beugger (USA): Liaison (2013), NYP
Adam Basanta / Julian Stein / Max Stein (Canada / US): Music for Lamps (2012-15), AP

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Jasna Veličković

Friday, February 27th, 2015


Jasna Veličković is composer and performer based in Amsterdam. She has written around 60 compositions using a variety of musical instruments ranging from solo instrument to compositions written for orchestra with live electronics. Most recently she is developing custom designed magnetic instrument, made out of magnets and coils. This project is a new installment of her ongoing artistic research based on the creation of tools that facilitate playing on instruments and objects which use the transformative acoustic possibilities of an electromagnetic field.

Jasna Veličković studied composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade with Srdjan Hofman then continued her postgraduate study at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. She studied with Louis Andriessen, Gilius van Bergeijk and Clarence Barlow. In 2004 she graduated with distinction.

Her works has been performed at festivals such as Biennale Zagreb, ISCM World Music Days, Gaudeamus Music Week, Holland Festival, Time of Music, Archipel Festival, A-devantgarde, Avaton Festival, Ring Ring Festival, International Review of Composers by ensembles such as Bl!ndman (BE), Studio 6, Metamorphoses, Dušan Skovran, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra (RS), Piano Possibile (DE), Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (CAN), Ensemble Aleph, Cairn (FR), Ensemble MAE, Ear Massage, Ensemble Klang, de Ereprijs, David Kweksilber’s Big Band, Axyz, LOOS, Dutch Radio Kamerorkest (NL), European Contemporary Orchestra (EU).

She won the 28th Irino Prize (2007) in Tokyo, Slavenski Award (1998), the first prize at the 5th International Review of Composers in Belgrade (1996). She was nominated twice for the Mokranjac Award (2001, 2006). In 2012 she was a finalist of the ECPNM Live-Electronics Competition. Last Song (for percussion quartet) was nominated for the Dutch Toonzetters Award (2011) and received a “recommendation” at the Unesco Rostrum of Composers (2011).

Jasna Veličković is co-founder of CHINCH – Initiative for Research and Production of Contemporary Music, “Live” and Visual Arts and co-founder of TkH: Walking Theory / Teorija koja Hoda.