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Between Noise and Silence

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014


Fresh from Helsinki, comes the nine members of Uusinta – Finland’s leading new music ensemble – in their American debut. They bring their “virtuosically fast-paced and precise” skills to a world premiere MATA commission, Jōruri Death Metal, by Japanese composer Hikari Kiyama influenced by the unlikely bedfellows of metal, Brian Ferneyhough, and Japanese folk music; its polar opposite: the quiet susurrations of Aaron Helgeson’s A Place Toward Other Places; the improvisatory paradoxes of Spain’s Joan Arnau Pàmies; Russian composer Alexander Khubeev’s apocalyptic eschatology Sounds of the Dark Time; and two of Finland’s leading emerging compositional voices: Sampo Haapamäki’s searing quartet Connection and Ilari Kaila’s intense and moving memorial, Kellojen Kumarrus.

Aaron Helgeson: A Place Toward Other Places (2012)
Alexander Khubeev: Sounds of the Dark Time (2011)
Joan Arnau Pàmies: [IVflbclVIvln_c] (2011)
Hikari Kiyama: Jōruri Death Metal (2014) – MATA Commission
Ilari Kaila: Kellojen Kumarrus (2006)
Sampo Haapamäki: Connection (2007)

Wednesday, April 16
8:00 pm
The Kitchen
512 West 19th St.

$20 adults / $15 students
Tickets available at: www.thekitchen.org