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Responsible Parties: Young Composer/Performers

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Corey Dargel, DITHER, Cantori NY, Chris Danforth and the Danforths, & Florent Ghys

(le) poisson rouge 7:30 pm

New music, performed by the people who wrote it! Corey Dargel and Dither Electric Guitar Quartet premiere SAY YES, a new song cycle; Angelica Negron and Cantori NY – a 40-member chorus – present FONO, a MATA commissioned work; Chris Danforth and the Danforths come from Minnesota to perform a unique set featuring songs with voice mail from the 1980s, found objects, and newly-created instruments; and Florent Ghys flies in from France to play new works for double bass and live electronics.

*Corey Dargel: SAY YES for Dither Guitar Quartet and Voice (2011) [audio:1-06 Everybody Says I’m Beautiful – Thirteen Near-Death Experiences.mp3|titles=Everybody Says I’m Beautiful from Thirteen Near-Death Experiences]

*, **Angelica Negron: FONO for Chorus and Electronics (2011) [audio:What Keeps Me Awake_Short Excerpt_Angelica Negron.mp3|titles=excerpt from What Keeps Me Awake]

*Chris Danforth:

Vänta En Andra
Christopher Danforth, live electronics
Jeff Bina, toy piano
Srinivasa (Cab Ride for Laurie)+
Jeff Bina, homemade percussion and electronics

+Undewritten by the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation.

In This World Nothing is Certain
Christopher Danforth, live electronics
Jeff Bina, homemade percussion

[audio:In this world nothing is certain EDIT.mp3|titles=excerpt from In This World Nothing is Certain]

*Florent Ghys: New Works for voice and double bass (2011) [audio:Rêve érotique 7.mp3|titles=Rêve érotique]

* indicates world premiere, ** indicates MATA commission

Florent Ghys

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Florent Ghys[audio:Rêve érotique 7.mp3|titles=Rêve érotique|artists=Florent Ghys]

Florent Ghys is a French composer of acoustic music and an upright bass player.
He employs hair dryers, blinkers, weather reports, vacuum cleaners, numbers, and enjoys controlling random elements.

He obtained degrees in ethno-musicology at Bordeaux University (Masters 03) and Bordeaux Conservatoire (Gold Medals 04), before going on to study the classical double bass with Thierry Barbé in Paris (Gold Medal 05). He participated in several composition master classes in the United States (Bang On A Can 06) and in Italy (Sentieri Selvaggi 06).

As a composer he works in a style situated between contemporary and pop music, creating tonal masses with or without pulsation. It has often been said to resemble American minimalist music.

He has collaborated with different ensembles and musicians such as Dither quartet, Abigail Fischer, Eleonore Oppenheim in New York, The F(x) in Miami, and has written music for both video projects (Lumina Productions, Aricie Productions), and websites (www.berto-cameraoperator.com, www.regardcamera.com).

The label Cantaloupe music in New York city is releasing 3 Eps called « Florent Ghys : Baroque Tardif » starting Septembre 09.

As a double bass player, he is developing a solo performance with a laptop called Antisolo. Working with samples extracted from weather reports and a variety of other radio and TV sources, he has developed a new tuning of the bass in fifths, inspired by the idea of « alto double bass » by Thierry Barbé.

With the collaboration of Jérôme Hérault, he has invented a Z-form endpin which changes the balance of the instrument, inspired by the Rabbath endpin.

Dither Electric Guitar Quartet – Taylor Levine & James Moore, curators

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 8 PM

Issue Project Room
@ The (OA) Can Factory
232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215

MATA Interval 2.3
Featuring Dither Electric Guitar Quartet:
Simon Kafka
Taylor Levine
Joshua Lopes
James Moore
Gavin Harper
Matt Hough
David Linaburg
Brett Parnell
Geremy Schulick
Kenji Shinagawa

Nothing Changes by Simon Kafka

Pantagruel by Joshua Lopes

100 by Florent Ghys

X-Sections by Lisa Coons

Telegraph by Wil Smith

— intermission —

Jumeaux by Bryce Dessner and Aaron Dessner
Taylor Levine and James Moore

Deprivation Music No. 5: l’amour du pain by Eric km Clark

Gavin Harper, Matt Hough, Simon Kafka, Taylor Levine,
David Linaburg, Joshua Lopes, James Moore, Brett Parnell,
Geremy Schulick, Kenji Shinagawa