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The Music of Jessica Pavone & Ray Sweeten – Zach Layton, curator

Friday, November 30th, 2007

November 30, 2007, 8PM

Interval No. 1
Music of Jessica Pavone & Ray Sweeten
Curated by Zach Layton as part of the MATA Interval Curatorial Associates Program

Issue Project Room
232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Music of Jessica Pavone:

Look on the Floor for pre-recorded soprano, soprano and double bass

Look on the Floor was initially inspired by Medieval discant and tenor and explores movement through chromaticism and pulse.  This piece features video by Zach Layton and is dedicated to Jason Leonard Cady.

Bruxism (Anne Rhodes – soprano, Carl Testa – double bass)
Zach Layton – video

…No Way to Say Goodbye
Wash Your Eyelids in the Rain
Once Again
I Can Not Follow You, You Can Not Follow Me
Yes, Its Come to This
Post-Post Meridiem
Tom Swafford – violin, Jessica Pavone – viola, Loren Dempster – cello, Tom Blancarte – double bass
…No Way to Say Goodbye is a collection of songs for string quartet that substitutes a second violin for a double bass. The music is influenced by an interest in the simplistic beauty of folk songs and a belief that one’s ability to  accompany oneself in song as one of the more natural expressions of music.


Music of Ray Sweeten:
Audio/Video Improvisation
Ray Sweeten – laptop audio, Zach Layton – laptop video

L’Uomo Ferroso

Erin Flannery – soprano, Emily Manzo – piano, Sarah Paden – translations