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Ex Machina

Tuesday, May 11th, 2004

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Paula Cooper Gallery


Mari Kimura, guitarbot, violin, and electronics
J. Anthony Allen, glove controller
Noah Keesecker, glove controller
Zachary Crockett, glove controller
Scott Eric Peterson, glove controller
Dan Trueman, lobster
Nurit Tilles, piano and CD
John Morton
Brendan Adamson
Ben Manley
Blevin Blectum, laptop

Igor Stravinsky Etude pour Pianola (World Premiere)

Mari Kimura GuitarBotana (New York Premiere)
Mari Kimura and GuitarBot

J. Anthony Allen, Noah Keesecker 44o (New York Premiere)
J. Anthony Allen, Noah Keesecker, Zachary Crockett and Scott Eric Peterson,
glove controllers

Dan Trueman Lobster Quadrille (New York Premiere)
Dan Trueman, lobster

Ryan Torchia Forced Perspective (New York Premiere)
Nurit Tilles, piano and CD


Panayiotis Kokoras Shatter Cone (World Premiere)
Mari Kimura, violin & electronics
Commissioned by MATA for Mari Kimura

John Morton Through the Wall (New York Premiere)

J. Brendan Adamson Half

Ben Manley Performance (World Premiere)

Blevin Blectum The Way The Cookie Crumbles Straight From the Horse’s Mouth (New York Premiere)
Blevin Blectum, laptop