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MATA Jr. 2nd Edition

Monday, November 16th, 2015


MATA Jr. Festival: Music by Pre-College Composers with performances by Face the Music

Monday, November 16th, 2015 | 7:30 pm

The DiMenna Center for Classical Music

450 West 37th Street | New York, NY 10018

Tickets Available At The Door!

Evan Caplinger of San Diego, CA (b.1997): Leaving (sax quartet, percussion, piano)

Daniel Saylor of Orlando, FL (b. 1997): The Discordance of Dissocation (flutes + electronics)

Michelle David of New York, NY (b. 2001): Syncopated Lullaby (quintet + percussion)

Mikael Lewis of Tallahassee, FL (b. 1997): Music of the Spheres (tenor pan, piano, 2 cellos)

Nicholas Politi of Scarsdale ,NY (b. 1998): … bends into the turn of the wind (orchestra)

Christopher Yuan of Dublin, CA (b.1999): String Quartet (string quartet)


MATA Jr. 2015 Mentors are:

Wang Lu (MATA alum 2015): A Distant World (2004)

Florent Ghys (MATA alum 2011): Concierge (2007)

Fjola Evans (MATA alum 2015): Dogged (2014/15)


About MATA Jr.

MATA has long been recognized for its broad embrace of all styles and aesthetics in modern concert music, MATA Jr. expands our efforts to support the music of pre-college composers. While there are many programs that aim to assist young composers, MATA Jr. is unique in that all parties are equal partners in collaborative learning: composers write works for their peers to perform, teen performers engage with music that is unfamiliar and/or new, mentors are themselves emerging composers.

In late 2014, MATA held an open call for submissions from pre-college composers to select several to receive mentorship and an eventual performance by Face the Music, the teen new-music ensemble based at New York City’s Kaufman Music Center. A jury consisting of Corey Dargel, Angelica Negron, Mary Kouyoumdjian, and Jenny Undercofler met in March 2015 to assess submissions, passing their recommendations on to MATA Artistic Director Du Yun. Each selected composer was paired with one of three MATA alumni mentors, who, for six months, worked to shepherd them through the development of a new composition from idea to score to rehearsal to performance.

About Face The Music

Face the Music is the only teen ensemble in the United States dedicated to the creation and performance of music by living composers. In residence at Kaufman Music Center, the 200+-member Face the Music has taken its place as a full-fledged player in New York City’s vibrant contemporary classical scene, rapidly becoming what Allan Kozinn of the New York Times has called “a force in the New York new-music world.”
Highlights of its 2014-15 season included a performance of Merlijn Twaalfhoven’s On Parole with Kronos Quartet at Zankel Hall; the first ever performance by a youth symphony of Michael Gordon’s epic Trance at Washington D.C.’s Atlas Performing Arts Center, presented by the Washington Performing Arts Society as part of the Intersections Festival; the inaugural MATA Jr. Festival; world premieres of 17 new works by Face the Music member composers; a four-concert series at the Queens Museum, Firehouse Space in Williamsburg, Roulette in downtown Brooklyn and Players Theatre in the West Village; and a March 9 collaboration with the ensemble Contemporaneous featuring And Then It Rained by David Moore plus works written by Face the Music members.

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MATA Jr. 1st Edition

Monday, November 17th, 2014


Inaugural MATA Jr. Festival: Music by Pre-College Composers with performances by Face the Music

Monday, November 17th, 2014 | 7:30 pm

The DiMenna Center for Classical Music

450 West 37th Street | New York, NY 10018

Brandon Lincoln Synder (b.1995)    InrRest (2013)  

                                                            STRAIN (2014)*

Emily DeLia (b.2001)                          Aria of a New Age (2014)*

Andrew D. Herring (b.1996)             Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow(2014)*

John Nydam (b.1997)                        Swells for Quartet (2014)*

  1. weak; ii. fight; iii. strong

Tristan Perich (b.1982)                    qsqsqsqsqqqqqqqqq (2009)

Julian Fueyo (b.1996)                     Catrina’s Dance (2013)*

Shahaank Narayanan (b.2004)       Heroes of all Eras (2013)*

  1. Ancient Heroes; ii. Rise of the Explorers; iii. Future Machine Warriors

Bryan Jacobs (b.1979)                      Piano + Electronics (2011)

Renata Vallecillo (b.1999)                Loca’s Heaven (2012)

Taylor Brook (b.1985)                      Vocalise (2008)

Rachel Epperly (b.1996)                  La Extranjera (2014)*


Make Music New York: Swelter

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011


With the combined efforts of MATA, Super Critical Mass, TILT Brass, and Make Music New York, Swelter was a wonderful event in NY’s iconic Central Park. With nearly 30 brass players surrounding audience members on rowboats, this spatial composition by Julian Day, Luke Jaaniste, and Janet McKay took place twice on June 21, 2011 during the city-wide music festival Make Music New York.

We received some wonderful press coverage by the New York Times (including a huge photo on the front of the Arts Section featuring MATA’s Operations Manager Nathan Koci), and National Public Radio.

From the NY Times:

“The performance was as much an urban happening as an outdoor concert, and though the weather was steamy, an eager audience in rowboats did not seem to mind.”

In addition, check out some video and photos from the day below!

Photo by Stephen Taylor     Photo by Stephen Taylor     Photo by Stephen Taylor     Photo by Stephen Taylor     Photo by Stephen Taylor     Photo by Stephen Taylor     Photo by Stephen Taylor

Photo by Stephen Taylor     Photo by Stephen Taylor     Photo by Stephen Taylor     Photo by Stephen Taylor     Swelter's Composers Julian Day, Janey McKay, and Luke Jaaniste, along with MATA AD Yotam Haber at the far left.     A nearly complete group shot of TILT Brass, the featured performing ensemble of Swelter!     Photo by Sarah Baird Knight

Photo by Philip Tsai


Some information on the forces that made SWELTER happen!

TILT Brass is a Brooklyn-based experimental music organization dedicated to expanding the world of contemporary brass performance by producing innovative concert programs and recording projects, and by commissioning new works for its two ensembles, TILT Creative Brass Band (CBB) and TILT SIXtet. Since forming in 2003, TILT Brass has presented the work of over 50 composers, including group members and local colleagues, as well as established masters. TILT’s repertoire engages its audience with musical experiences ranging from sonorous soundscapes to the raucous strains of a street band, from freely improvised explorations to the precision and clarity of fully notated chamber music (often combining the latter two within a single work).

SUPER CRITICAL MASS (SCM) is a large-scale performance/installation project that explores spatialised masses of musicians playing identical instruments within public places. There is no conductor, scores or music stands — instead performers execute simple ‘algorithms’ for sounds and often movement that build up complex, evolving textures. The simplicity of means allows for performers of various backgrounds and ages to participate whilst creating complex interactions. The results are immersive and often meditative performance-installations, articulating both instrument and architecture, within which audiences freely move about or simply sit back and take it in. SCM is thus a unique take on the traditional orchestra, community arts, sound installation and public arts projects.

MATA ( is a non-profit organization that has, for the past fourteen years, been dedicated to commissioning and presenting works by young composers from around the world. MATA’s directors are motivated by a desire to create community among young musicians, especially those whose work defies definition and doesn’t fit into existing institutions. By providing young composers with a professional performance of their work, access to first-rate performers and valuable connections to colleagues, MATA nurtures their entry into American musical life.

MATA Benefit 2007

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

September 25, 2007

Paula Cooper Gallery
521 West 21st Street, 2nd Floor

MATA Celebrates
10 Great Years and Honors
Co-Founder Phlip Glass

Jenny Lin, toy piano
Lisa Bielawa, voice
Genevieve Belleveau, voice
Carla Kihlsedt,violin and voice
Theo Bleckmann, voice and electronics
Kathy Supove, Piano
Lukas Ligeti, percussion and electronics
Annie Gosfield, keyboard and sampler
Wynne Bennett, piano
Daniel Bernard Roumain, violin
Gordon Beeferman, piano
Daniel Bermel, clarinet
Eleanor Sandresky, piano and computer playback

Julia Wolfe East Broadway for toy piano and toy boombox
Jenny Lin, toy piano

Lukas Ligeti Great Circle’s Tune for electronic percussion
Lukas Ligeti, percussion & electronics

Daniel Bernard Roumain Hip-Hop Study and Etude in F Minor
Daniel Bernard Roumain, violin
Wynne Bennett, piano

Annie Gosfield The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory, part II
Annie Gosfield, keyboard and sampler

Theo Bleckmann anteroom (excerpt)
Theo Bleckmann, voice and electronics

Gordon Beeferman new work written for occasion
Gordon Beeferman, piano


Derek Bermel Thracian Sketches for solo clarinet
Derek Bermel, clarinet

Carla Kihlstedt The Squonk & Hold My Own
Carla Kihlsedt, violin/voice
Lisa Bielawa, voice

Nick Brooke You Feel This from Tone Test
Genevieve Belleveau, voice

Eleonor Sandresky Conversation 1
Eleanor Sandresky, piano, computer playback

Lisa Bielawa Selections from Kafka Songs
Carla Kihlstedt, voice & violin

Phil Kline Near-Perfect Clarity & The Funeral of Jan Palach
Theo Bleckmann, voice
Kathy Supove, Piano


Tuesday, April 6th, 1999

April 6th, 1999

Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue New York, NY

Sonicinema with Da Capo Chamber Players:
Andre Emelianoff, cello
Rene Jolles, violin
Lisa Moore, piano
Patricia Spencer, flute
Meighan Stoops, clarinet,
Marka Gustavsson, viola


Ron Anderson, trumpet
Richard Clymer, trumpet
Richard Carrick, piano
Eduardo Kandro, percussion
David Cossin, percussion
Martin Goldray, conductor
Eduardo Leandro, percussion


Joris Ivens Rain (Film)

Hanns Eisler Fourteen Ways to Describe the Rain op. 70
1. Anagramm 2. Introduktion 3. Choral – Ettide 4. Scherzando
5. 6. 7. Sonatina 8. Intermezzo 9. 10 presto Etude
11. Uberleitung 12. 13. 14.

Da Capo Chamber Players
Andre Emelianoff, cello
Rene Jolles, violin
Lisa Moore, piano
Patricia Spencer, flute
Meighan Stoops, clarinet,
Marka Gustavsson, viola

Andrew Ford A Whole Lot of Shaking (World Premiere)
commissioned bg Lisa Moore with the support of The Australian consulate
Lisa Moore, piano
Andre Emelianoff, cello

Thelonious Monk/Richard Carrick Ruby My Dear (New York Premiere)
Richard Carrick, piano


Eleanor Sandresky It’s Come Undone (World Premiere)
Richard Clymer, trumpet
David Cossin and Eduardo Kandro, percussion

Carlos Carrillo De la brevidad de la vida (World Premiere)
Commissioned by Music at the Anthology
-for Da Capo with funds provided by Jerome Foundation and The Greenwall Foundation
Da Capo Chamber Players

Un Chien Andalou (Film)
Las siete vidas de un gato Salvador Dali/Luis Bunuel Martin Matalon
commissioned by the Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona
Da Capo Chamber Players with Ron Anderson, trumpet
David Cossin and Eduardo Leandro, percussion
Martin Goldray, conductor