Rhythm Method Quartet

Monday, February 22nd, 2016 - 10:00 am



The Rhythm Method is the flexible string ensemble (duo/trio/quartet) project of Marina Kifferstein, Lavinia Pavlish (violins), Anne Lanzilotti (viola), and Meaghan Burke (cello). They have been described as “uncompromising and unreserved . . . intense, and sensuously gestural” and praised for their “impressive and gutsy programming” (examiner.com). Since their founding in 2014, the quartet has given soulful, spirited performances in New York, Paris, and Lucerne, and tackled works ranging from classics by Ligeti and Ravel to newer works/premieres by Leah Asher, Alyssa Weinberg, Andrew Norman, Scott Wollschleger, John Zorn, and other living composers, including members of the ensemble. Along with playing music they’re passionate about at the highest level, the group’s mission is to re-imagine the string quartet in a contemporary context. Through a mixture of thoughtful, eccentric programming, captivating performances, and collaborations with sound artists, visual artists, and songwriters as well as composers, they present concert experiences that engage and challenge their audiences. Their current season includes performances at Joe’s Pub, the Met Museum, the Onassis Cultural Center, and Roulette, and featured performances in the String Orchestra of Brooklyn’s String Theories Festival, MATA, and the Austrian Cultural Forum’s Moving Sounds Festival. In addition, this season features world premieres by Stavros Gasparatos, and Bernd Klug (a new commission for quartet and sound installation: https://www.newmusicusa.org/projects/string-quartet-and-skyscraper-2/). Their upcoming Austrian tour will feature world premieres of new works (commissioned by the Austrian Federal Chancellery) by Klug and composer/sound artist Andreas Trobollowitsch, a collaboration with the Austrian singer-songwriter collective Loose Lips Sink Ships, European premieres of graphic scores by all members of the ensemble, and additional premieres by Burke.