Ophir Ilzetzki

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 - 9:20 am

Ophir_by Margie

Dr. Ophir Ilzetzki

A composer and researcher by calling, and lecturer by vocation, Ophir is also the curator of Anechoic Transmissions – an independent radio production house dedicate to the extremes of non-commercial music throughout genres.

Ophir’s music explores the intersection between through-composed and improvised pieces. His ongoing attempt is to strip forms to their bare essentials whilst still maintaining their identity. In recent years Ophir has been researching the application of games to musical structures, a fascination leading more often than not to another intersection that combines music with dramaturgy.

Ophir currently resides in Tel-Aviv, where he is an Israel State Lottery (Mifal Hapais) scholar in collaboration with The Israeli Centre for Digital Art in Holon. His research, Experimental Israel, is an archive-based survey of experimental voices in the Israeli scene. Its attempt is to trace the boundaries of the experimental genre and ask whether there truly is an Israeli experimentalism.

Ophir’s music is published by the Surrism-Phonoethics net-label (and its offshoot, Classwar Karaoke), and his scores are published by BabelScores.

For more information, visit Ophir Ilzetzki’s homepage: www.ophirilzetzki.com