Christopher McIntyre

Friday, April 6th, 2012 - 11:30 am

Christopher McIntyre leads a multi-faceted career in the contemporary arts as a solo and ensemble performer, composer, and curator/producer. The diversity of his activities led Time Out New York to note that “…with every passing week, trombonist-composer Chris McIntyre becomes more central to the new-music experience in New York.” (Nov. ’09) He performs on trombone and synthesizer in a variety of settings, from chamber music to open improvisation. Current projects include leading TILT Brass and 7X7 Trombone Band, and collaborative efforts such as Ne(x)tworks. His playing is heard on recordings released by the Tzadik, New World, Mode, and Non-Site labels. In his composing, McIntyre has experimented with conceptual elements such as spatialization, recontextualized notated material, and improvisative strategy, along with ideas of scale, symmetrical pitch constructions, and self-similarity. He has contributed work to the repertoire of TILT, Ne(x)tworks, 7X7 Trombone Band (for choreographer Yoshiko Chuma), Flexible Orchestra, and B3+ brass trio. Beyond performing and creating music, McIntyre is also active as a curator and concert producer, with independent projects at venues including The Kitchen, Issue Project Room, and The Stone (June 2007), and as Artistic Director of the MATA Festival (07-10). Visit for more info.