In One, Juraj Kojs, curator

Thursday, January 13th, 2011 - 8:00 pm

In this program, seven composers/performers will introduce their approach to extending, hybridizing and abstracting the principles of instrumental design in a multimodal musical performance. Spencer Topel will present a piece for violin and live electronics. Jorge Variego will perform a composition for clarinet and a joystick controller. Juraj Kojs will manipulate the Slovakian sheep bells with digitally modeled cyberbell structures, and the Zeta cello, novel K-Bow controller and narration will be the focal point for Sarah O’Halloran and Margaret Schedel. Chikashi Miyama’s hands will sculpt musical structures in the air over his non-haptic Peacock instrument, and Paula Matthusen will show her work for live electronic organisms in jars. It all has to be heard to be believed.


lathyrus (2007)     Paula Matthusen

Violine (2010)*        Spencer Topel

Mimic (2008)          Jorge Variego

At and Across (2007)        Juraj Kojs

…linger figure flutter… (2010)*     Sarah O’Halloran

Black Vox (2010)     Chikashi Miyama

* World Premieres