Multinational Conglomerate: New Music from Around the World

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 - 7:30 pm

(le) Poisson Rouge 7:30 pm

New York-based ACME joins L’arsenale, the Italian new music ensemble, for an evening of premieres and stunningly fresh music by eight composers from seven countries, including Icelandic music by Gudmundur Gunnarsson, Christopher Adler’s mesmerizing new work for Chinese mouth organ and oboe, and the first MATA commission of the Festival, Canadian Christopher Mayo’s Of Trees & Fields & Men, performed as ACME and L’arsenale team together for the first time!

May 10, 2011:

*, **Christopher Mayo: Of Trees & Fields & Men (2011) Performed by ACME + L’arsenale

Gudmundur Gunnarsson: Mardiposa (2009) Performed by L’arsenale

*Christian Cassinelli Euòi (2011) Performed by L’arsenale

Nicolas Tzortzis: Four Flash Fear (2007) Performed by ACME

Mauricio Pauly: clinamen, clinamen, clinamen (2008) Performed by ACME + L’arsenale

Patricia Martinez: los tiempos del alma (2008) Performed by ACME

Alex Freeman: Blueshift (2006) Performed by ACME

*Christopher Adler: Serpent of Five Tongues (2009) Performed by Hu Jianbing and Bao Jian

* indicates World Premiere, ** indicates MATA Commission