Opening Night Concert Reception

Mary Flagler Cary Hall
DiMenna Center
450 West 37th St, New York, NY

WhiteBox Gallery
329 Broome St #1, New York, NY
Tickets $25, available at the door

Join the composers and performers of MATA Festival 2017 for an evening of Californian wine, Danish spirits, music,  and conversation.

Program to include

Thomas Kotcheff (USA): death, hocket and roll (2015)
Jexper Holmen (Denmark): XP (2003) (American Premiere)
Dalia Raudonikyté With (Lithuania/Norway): Primo cum lumine solid

Doors open at 7pm

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Where Seagulls Scream and Breakers Roar

Co-Presented by Dixon Place

Ensemble neoN returns to close the 2016 MATA Festival, alongside the Rhythm Method Quartet and other festival friends, in an evening of contradictions, games, and improvisation. Lula Romero’s present/absent is reminiscent of free improvisation despite its complex notation, while Helen Papaioannou’s Splinter (a MATA Commission) enfolds games and improvisations within a fixed form. José Manuel Serrano’s Rosa de Paracelso is a game of texture, wherein the bass flute is veiled by an accompanying quartet. Through the use of text prompts, Edgar Guzmán’s After tomorrow and Ophir Ilzetzki’s Spotlight exist at the intersection of improvisation and fixed notation; musics that are at once stable and mobile. Concluding the festival is Emma O’Halloran’s Cages, an embrace of the joy of composing with text from the writings of John Cage.

Ensemble neoN, Rhythm Method Quartet, Ryan Muncy, and others
8PM at Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie Street, NYC
$25 / $20 Students

Tickets available through Dixon Place

Emma O’Halloran (Ireland): Cages (2013), AP
Lula Romero (Spain / Germany): present / absent (2011), AP
Helen Papaioannou (UK): Splinter (2016), WP – Festival Commission
Ophir Ilzetzki (Israel): Spotlight (2013), AP
José Manuel Serrano (Argentina): Rosa de Paracelso (2014), AP
Edgar Guzmán (Mexico): After tomorrow (2011)
Therese Birkelund Ulvo (Norway): Silent Song (2008)

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Neither Land, Nor Sea, Nor Air

Co-Presented by Dixon Place

MATA’s penultimate concert reimagines tradition and genre, pointing the way toward new musical taxonomies. Sabina Ahn’s alchemical Breath morphs the body’s energy into light and sound. In the same vein, Nicolai Worsaae’s Upon your body I’m crawling exhausts its performer (the legendary William Schimmel) as it engages with folk and modern conventions in a breathless one-man accordion-harmonica duet. Traditional instruments are transformed with rippling figurations and angular melody in Ukrainian composer Maxim Kolomiiets’ oboe-accordion duet Re-Pulse, and similarly in Qian Zhou’s serene Qu Shui Ming Yun for qin and electronics. Mátyás Wettl’s Unusual, a song for guitar, voice, and electronics, proposes a new avant-indie sound, while Germán Alonso’s Time In & Out is an extended riff for bass clarinet and electronics, paying homage to jazz icon Eric Dolphy.

Stuart Breczinski, oboe; Eliza Bagg, voice; Carlos Cordeiro, bass clarinet; Dan Lippel, guitar; Sam Pluta, live electronics; William Schimmel, accordion; Zhou Yi, qin

8PM at Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie Street, NYC
$25 / $20 Students

Tickets available through Dixon Place

Maxim Kolomiiets (Ukraine): Re-Pulse (2012), AP
Nicolai Worsaae (Denmark): Upon your body I’m crawling (2012)
Zhou Qian (China): Qu Shui Ming Yun (2016 Qin Version) (2011/16), WP
Sabina Ahn (South Korea): Breath (2015), AP
Mátyás Wettl (Hungary): Unusual (2014), AP
Germán Alonso (Spain): Time In & Out (2013), AP

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MATA Funhouse

MATA FUNHOUSE, where Festival artists will join forces with like-minded bands and DJs in a split bill performance. Featuring MATA composers Matthew Welch on bagpipe, an Ophir Ilzetzki’s “pop-up” set, a Yair Klartag video, and even a pond scum bacteria improvisation by Sabina Ahn. Guest performers include Ricardo Romaneiro, Helen Papaioannou, Ryan Muncy, and MATA’s Artistic Director Du Yun. The show will dissolve from avant/noise experiments, pond water mud noise, into a more straightforward evening of techno and merriment.

915 Wyckoff Avenue
Queens, New York

Tickets available here or at the door: $12

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Ensemble Linea: Chaos Terrain and Lines of Fortune

Linea New York

Co-Presented by National Sawdust

The “superb” (Time Out New York) Ensemble Linea, under the direction of Jean-Philippe Wurtz, travels from Strasbourg to make its MATA Festival debut with an evening that celebrates transcendence. Highlighting the night will be two MATA-commissions: Weijun Chen’s Dancer, an elegant meditation on the moment when practice becomes art, and Yair Klartag’s revelatory There’s no end of void. The program begins with Michelle Agnes Magalhaes’ cosmic Mobile for prepared piano, and falls back to earth with Scott Wollschleger’s America, a commentary on the post-suburban commercial landscape. Linea continues with the sonic camouflage of Zeno Baldi’s Mimo, the fissured lines and aural illusions of Arash Yazdani’s Demodulation, and the untraversed landscapes of the Turkish composer Utku Asoruglu.

8PM at National Sawdust, 80 N. 6th Street, Brooklyn
$25 / $20 Students Advance Sale Only

Tickets available at National Sawdust

Yair Klartag (Israel): There’s no lack of void (2016), WP – Festival Commission

Utku Asuroglu (Turkey): yES I dOESN’T (2016), WP

Zeno Baldi (Italy): Mimo (2014), AP

Scott Wollschleger (USA): America (2013)

Weijun Chen (China/USA): Dancer (2016), WP – Festival Commission

Arash Yazdani (Iran): Demodulation (2014), AP

Michelle Agnes Magalhaes (Brazil): Mobile (2012) AP


Yair Klartag’s “There’s no lack of void” was commissioned for the 2016 MATA Festival with the support of the Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund.

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